A Fun Mom is Better than a Perfect Mom

A "FUN" Mom is Better than a "Perfect Mom"

Having "Fun" Isn't always a priority to Mothers. I mean come on.. We have to do the laundry, cook dinner, give baths, take the kids to football practice. The list goes on an on.   Being a mother can be so stressful. We put our children first and our needs last. But seriously... our kids need us to be FUN. 

Being a mother is a blessing that some of the women are unable to enjoy. When a woman holds her baby in her hands for the first time it is the most memorable and amazing moment of her life... until reality sets in- then it's um...ALOT of work. It might be exciting and all but taking care of a child is not an easy task but so rewarding!

You will have to give away everything and stop doing what you love in order to assure that your child will get the attention he/she requires. Most of the women try to become a perfect mom and in this perfection that often hurt their children. It is better that you become a fun mom?

" I'm not a regular mom- I'm a cool Mom"

Love your children unconditionally

I'm such a  blessed mama I have FIVE beautiful children and they are all happy & healthy. Yes not all of them I birthed but still. It's tough being a mother, its EXTREMELY tough being a step mother! Even though sometimes our house is crazy & wild  (to say the least) its so much fun to have all of "Team Robbins" under one roof. My kids test my limits almost every day ( Just Kidding- Not Kidding) its still an amazing adventure. I'm the type of mom who will join my kids at the trampoline park, or play hide and seek in the dark with them, or even ding dong ditch- This only happened once HAHA.

On a daily I try to do the following step- Even though its sometimes VERY hard to do.

  • Instead of scolding or punishment, find a unique way to make your children understand what they have done wrong
  • work on developing the personality of your children
  • Teach your children the difference between Right and Wrong
  • Raise your kids to be good people
  • Laugh and make every day count
  • Try not to get so worked up if the house is dirty- "Sorry for the Mess- We Live Here

If you have Girls- OH BOY! Your in for some drama! I thought it was going to be such a bonding experience just brushing my daughters hair- WRONG!  Gosh this child of mine is a diva. Mama of Drama. .

Find humor in serious situations

There will come a time in your life when things will get really serious and you will find it hard to formulate the best solution. Instead of being stressed it is important that you find something fun and humorous in such situation. It will lighten the mood and there are chances that with a relaxed mind you can easily develop a solution.

Mom Life can be Tough Life

Mom life is tough but to make your time a little more exciting we have some of the best shirts for every mother out there. You can have the shirts with some exciting sayings like Blessed Mama, Mom Life and Mama of Drama. The shirts will give you a new confidence and will make you look cool and fun mom.







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