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How to Get Your Husband On Board with Getting a Family Dog

Okay so let me start by saying… We don’t have a dog . I’m currently trying to talk my husband into getting our family a puppy without any luck. We have relocated to Roanoke, VA about 5 months ago and are living in a small apartment until we find our perfect home. My husband refuses to get a puppy while were in the apartment but I’m dying for one! I’ve tried it all So here’s what I did …

Drop Funny Hints

Right before Christmas I sent my husband a few funny messages while he was at work…



I even asked Siri- Then sent this to him



A week ago or so I had my husband’s phone playing a game (or snooping through his Facebook or something) and I thought of a funny way for him to think about our family pet. I went to his calendar on his phone and set a reminder when I knew he would be at work. The reminder says “Reminder- Buy your wife a dog for Valentine’s day”. HAHA OK so maybe this didn’t work but he did think this was funny!



I also sent him several pictures of really really cute puppies…I might have gone overboard on this one HAHA!


Long Story short… He has finally said we will be getting a family dog!


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  • LOL- To the Calendar Reminder on your husbands phone

    • Samantha
  • HAHA too Funny!!

    • Lisa

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