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Dog Mom To Be | The Robbins Nest By Liz

Dog Mom To Be | The Robbins Nest By Liz

How to Get Your Husband On Board with Getting a Family Dog

Okay so let me start by saying… We don’t have a dog . I’m currently trying to talk my husband into getting our family a puppy without any luck. We have relocated to Roanoke, VA about 5 months ago and are living in a small apartment until we find our perfect home. My husband refuses to get a puppy while were in the apartment but I’m dying for one! I’ve tried it all So here’s what I did …

Drop Funny Hints

Right before Christmas...

The Robbins Nest By Liz

The Robbins Nest By Liz


Like many, this business of mine started as a way to add some extra income to the family. As a stay at home mom, poring my heart and soul into The Robbins Nest gave me a much-appreciated outlet. Of course, I love my children but my shop is a way to celebrate beauty in others. I've always had a strong hard work ethic, and making this shop thrive was the goal.

It's been so gratifying to see how many people’s lives I've been able to touch with my shop. It's my goal to help...

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