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A Fun Mom is Better than a Perfect Mom

A Fun Mom is Better than a Perfect Mom

A "FUN" Mom is Better than a "Perfect Mom"

Having "Fun" Isn't always a priority to Mothers. I mean come on.. We have to do the laundry, cook dinner, give baths, take the kids to football practice. The list goes on an on.   Being a mother can be so stressful. We put our children first and our needs last. But seriously... our kids need us to be FUN. 

Being a mother is a blessing that some of the women are unable to enjoy. When a woman holds her baby in her hands for the first time it is the...

About Me : Elizabeth Kelly Robbins

About Me : Elizabeth Kelly Robbins


Hi there!


I'm Elizabeth Robbins a stay at home mother and wife to the most wonderful husband in the world. The Robbins family (or Team Robbins as I call us) are a very blended family. We have FIVE children- Yes FIVE that wasn't a typo. We Love all of our children the same and don't believe in STEP or HALF we're just FAMILY.

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